Urbanist with air brush - photo by Dom Henry (c)

I came across Urbanist recently, on a job for summat else. My word, he’s good! You know that warm nodding feeling of appreciation you get when you clock a musician who’s at one with his instrument? Thought to music, instrument part of their body and soul? Well, Urbanist is the same, only in the graf style with an air brush.

Watching him work flawlessly churning out custom T-shirts in one corner of a fashion store was quite something. Based in Camden market at the weekends he also travels around doing festivals and events and has brand hookups with Timberland and Firetrap, I think he was jetting off to Dubai the following week to show his stuff for some sheikhs. Now I think about it you can see the similarities between graf and arabic script art, interesting.

He’s building quite a name for himself it seems, I spotted a spread in Vogue in his ideas book. Good to see talent being recognised, dead nice guy as well, he gets my vote.

Urbanist the urban air brush master in Nottingham - photo by Dom Henry (c)

Now, I clearly wanted a custom T-shirt, however you had to spend a fat wedge in store to get one. Fortunately some sleeve tugging with the PR folk who had me down for the day paid off and they sorted me a T with the man. Last one for the day and as an extra, so only just squeaked it! The result? Truly awe-inspiring, I nearly fell over when they asked me to check it was OK. From a loose design from a book, a choice of colour and a personal request I got this:

My Urbanist custom T-Shirt - photo by Dom Henry (c)

How good is that?!

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