LeftLion Robin Hood Cover

The cover of LeftLion issue 34 "It's All Hood" featuring Robin Hood and the Merry Men at Home in Sherwood playing Wii

Nottingham’s gone Robin Hood mad in the run up to the release of the Ridley Scott arrow fest, even LeftLion Magazine are at it. So, with that in mind I jumped at the chance to do ‘summat a bit different fer cover’.

Yes tights fanciers, it’s Robin Hood and the Merry Men at home in modern day Sherwood (also a suburb of Nottingham). Where, after a hard day knocking over Pork Farms pie vans and SLKs on the treacherous road to Mansfield, it’s time for Wii, Wotsit’s, a nice cup of tea and sit down. Eeeeeh!

Best viewed large.

The whole edition of the magazine was turned over to all things Hood, in a concerted effort to get everything Robin related out of the LeftLion system once and for all. I’d pitched a few ideas for a cover shot but this modern elements pastiche had the most room for LeftLion style send-up, so ended up as the final choice. We’d scouted all manner of front rooms for the shoot ranging from Victorian terraces to epic ultra modern, wooden floors to lino. In the end the room size and decor lightness was the main factor, partly for copy space considerations and also to cater for the lighting (shine) and working space (depth).

So, in four short hours over a Friday night and Saturday morning we laid out a suitable lounge set, readied a bank of lighting, got everyone in costume and did the shoot. All before I had to scarper across the otherside of town for another job. Bonza!

Big up to the following:

Ezekial Bone (aka Ade Andrews, Nottingham’s official Robin Hood) for being a pukka Robin and all round nice guy.

Alan (aka Will Scarlett) for all his hard work helping organise everything and setup the location.

All the merry men and damsels from LeftLion for donning tights and wimples and helping out.

Jared, for letting us use his lounge while away in Sherwood Forest practicing his archery  (I kid you not).

Nottingham Community Wardrobe for the costumes.

But a Big down to…

The Colonel (Jared’s resident cat) for laying the biggest, smelliest turd in his litter tray at the rear of the room – just while we were doing the main shots.

Jared's aged black cat 'The Colonel'

Retching all round, especially from me, doors and windows flying open – it makes me ill just thinking about it! So, until we meet again Colonel, when I may have to holdback on underchin tickling for at least an hour or two until you’re very sorry.

LeftLion edition 34 is on the streets from Friday 26th March 2010, you can also download it here.

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