Firetrap flyer models - Dom Henry (c)

Firetrap had me down for coverage of their new Nottingham store opening. To promote their stylish designed new interiors and threads they’d laid on a fair old spread; models on tap, some quality tunage and some awesome live airbrush clothes art.

The new store itself is pretty interesting, they’ve gone for complementary industrial touches to complement the Edwardian high ceilings and detail. Shelving made from beds of nails, walls of recycled milk bottles, retro bulkhead light fittings. It’s quite rock.

Nail detail in the Firetrap Notitngham store - Dom Henry (c)

Got a lotta bottle - glass detail in the Firetrap Nottingham store - Dom Henry (c)

Firetrap clobber - Dom Henry (c)

Bed of nails at Firetrap - Dom Henry (c)

Firetrap Nottingham interior - Dom Henry (c)

To lure folk into said stylish den of denim they’d drafted a load of local models from modelmayhem to ‘be seen’ and dish out discount bags and flyers outside. Good call, beats a man with a sign! Also meant of course that they wanted some on-the-fly model shots.

Firetrap models - photo by Dom Henry (c)

Firetrap model - photo by Dom Henry (c)

Firetrap models in Nottingham - Dom Henry (c)

Not as much time as I’d have liked to do stuff with them really, after the group shot outside the shop they dispersed to get bagging and tagging shoppers. Boo! Some interesting ones there character and look wise, will have to have a trawl of modelmayhem to put some names to faces.

Other things going down included some tunage care of Ben Hacking and Red Rackem and a soundsystem from Dealmaker Records. Getting down to some Mr Scruff while working on a job is what it’s all about, nice one Ben.

Finally they had Urbanist in for the weekend, dishing out custom clobber airbrushing for those going denim with a decent wedge. Awesome work, worthy of a seperate post, not least because I talked the PR folk into letting me have one as well!

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