Chuck Palanhuik

Chuck Palanhuik is the author of some pretty intense books, including the award winning Fight Club. Despite the often dark and disturbing content of his stories he is, in fact, a genuinely nice guy. I caught up with him at a special talk and screening of Fight Club at the Broadway Cinema. I had about a minute with him to get the above shot, with him up against a lift wall inbetween signingsof his new book Snuff.

We were down interviewing him for LeftLion before the show, that’s Jared our editor (middle) and James our literary guru (right) on the case. They did a sterling job, you can read the interview here.

The talk itself was amazing, a whirlwind of amusing and darkly satirical anecdotes, along with an insight into his life. Also, a blow up doll competition for the audience. You what? Well, Chuck routinely brings a couple of crates of blow up dolls to his talks, first one to reach full stiffness gets a prize. Brilliant.

Alas we didn’t have time for a decent portrait after the pre show interview so I hung around for a few hours while he was signing books, waiting for a break in the fans. There wasn’t one!

Chuck gives every fan the same attention: a genuine chat, a personal message, some interesting library stamps and a photo. Not any photo mind, you have to dress up to have one. Him being a nice guy he’d brought some 18th century wigs and hats for who’d come without. Naturally all this takes ages and the queue wasn’t letting up. Fortunately after three hours of polite loitering Chuck and his PR lady took pity and gave me a couple of minutes to grab a shot. Nice one Chuck.

Chuck Palanhuik was at the Broadway on the 14th August 2008.

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