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Kasabian toured in June to launch their new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Not one to miss! A belting..

Fish Man

Fish Man is a Nottingham legend, plying his fishy goods to the pub goers of Nottingham’s Mansfield Road and beyond...

Chuck Palanhuik

Chuck Palanhuik is the author of some pretty intense books, including the award winning Fight Club. Despite the often dark..

Dot to Dot 2008

Managed to get down to catch some of the action on the Sunday, I was covering the City Pulse festival..


The dictionary states a polymath is ‘a master of many disciplines’ and Polymath the band don’t mince their words, their..

Alan Sillitoe

Author Alan Sillitoe was down at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema to give an audience prior to a special screening of his..