Fish Man

Fish Man - seafood legend - photo by Dom Henry (c)

Fish Man is a Nottingham legend, plying his fishy goods to the pub goers of Nottingham’s Mansfield Road and beyond. He’s out most days and in all weathers, waiting for that special moment after a couple of pints when a bag of crisps just won’t do.

We’d been meaning to do an article ever since LeftLion kicked off. Buy it was early 2008 when I finally remembered to land his number while nabbing some of his prawns in special sauce and we lined him up for the Prawn Star feature in LeftLion Issue 22.

You can read Fish Man’s interview in full on the LeftLion site or download Issue 22 as a pdf.

Check out the Keep the fish man in Nottingham pubs group on Facebook and keep the legend going!

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