I’ve got some photos in an exhibition at the moment


I’ve got a couple of photos in an exhibition at Nottingham Castle Gallery at the minute. My portraits of Sat Bains and the late Alan Sillitoe rubbing shoulders with paintings and photos from the National Portrait Gallery, the city’s own Museums and Galleries’ collection and a healthy slice of contemporary stuff, including a cracking commission of well meaning Notts folk by Jo Metson Scott.

It was great to be invited to exhibit, plus it’s a fascinating exhibition in it’s own right. Can’t beat a bit of local history immersion, Tristram the organiser has got some great background character tales to tell for each portrait, much more juicy than the printed blurb – they can’t print everything!

Amusing to read my work mentioned in a critical review from the Evening Post, they say nice things.

Portrait of a City runs from June 26th to September 19th 2010 at Nottingham Castle Museum & Gallery.

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