Deco Shoot

Art deco lady - photo by Dom Henry (c)

I’m a big fan of Art Deco period fashion, thanks to a pleasantly misspent youth soaking up black and white films and period media. My luck was in then as I got to spend some time with the lovely Kayleigh after helping out fine art and vintage fashion photographer John Knight on one of his shoots.John does some inspiring work recreating classic paintings, I interviewed him for LeftLion magazine a while back and have had the pleasure of hooking up with him a few times since, he’s a thoroughly nice chap. John’s mission plan for the day was to recreate the Madame Suggia cello painting by Welsh painter Augustus John, which we managed in good order.

Kayleigh in the Art Deco style - Photo by Dom Henry (c)

After the cello shots were done I had some time to run through some of John’s vintage fashion collection with Kayleigh who was modelling for us and pick out some sharp threads. Happy days! Out with the cigarette holders then for a bit of end of the day studio fun.

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