Kasabian at Rock City - Photo by domhenry.com (c)

Kasabian toured in June to launch their new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Not one to miss! A belting set of old favorites and new ones, the album is a stonker.

I have some of their previous albums but they had somehow fallen by the wayside in my itunes lineup, their live show was a great wake up call though. It was immense! Energetic with lots of pace and stage prancing, despite frontman Tom Meighan sporting a pair of jeans so tight you could tell his religion.

Rock City was packed out, sold out, with touts about. Sweat dripping of the ceiling, teen lads flying, beer in the air. Sod’s law nothing really big kicked off till after the first three and I’d stashed my camera away but there was some decent crowd surfing and leaping about throughout, to the likes of thumping favourites Shoot the Runner, Empire and Vlad the Impaler. Favourite tune off the new album for me has to be Swarfiga, love the synth intro.

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Kasabian played at Rock City on June 24th 2009.

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