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Electro synth duo La Roux headed up NME’s tour for up and coming young bands which kicked off at the Rescue Rooms on April 29th.

The NME radar tour is well noted for it’s talent spotting which in recent years has given welcome boosts for young bands including White Lies and Friendly Fires. With that in mind it was well busy down at the Rescue Rooms, sweaty times are here again! Missed the Chapman Family who were first up but hustled through the crowd to see Essex group Magistrates. They did a pretty good in blending together a bit of indie with souly disco for us, Paul Usher (pictured) has got quite a high pitched voice which has something acapella like about it.

Paul Usher of Magistrates // domhenry.com

Next up was Heartbreak, these guys were something else, retro Italian electro disco headed up by full on frontman Muravchix. He’s crackers to watch, like a rather sleazy incarnation of Freddie Mercury selling medallions, bootleg electro and meth from the back of a knackered Lancia. Really good tunes, I heartily recommend.

Muravchix of Heartbreak // domhenry.com

La Roux finished the night, they’re doing really well of late with a diverse synth fed menu, had a few technical problems but were pretty good humoured about it. Landed some shots of Elly Jackson and her hairdo through their LED lit foggy haze.

Elly Jackson of La Roux // domhenry.com

Met one of NME’s photographers Danny North down front (you can make him out in the Heartbreak pic), it being launch night he was up with an assistant covering the show and nailing some PR shots next door at Stealth. Sound guy, I’ve seen his stuff on flickr before which is really impressive, well worth checking out.

The NME radar tour launch took place at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham on Wednesday 29th May 2009.

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