Sir Paul Smith

Paul Smith - photo by Dom Henry (c)
Snapped Sir Paul Smith for a LeftLion interview a while back. He was toasting in the arrival of a new screen he’d sponsored at cool independant cinema the Broadway, which has been decked out in his trademark stripey fabric.

Turns out Paul is a bit of a film lover and likes nothing more than to sneak out of his Nottingham HQ to catch a film and a pint. That’s not PR nonsense either, I clocked him reading a paper over a pint in a bar a few months back, obviously glad to get away from the phone to his Japanese empire.

A thoroughly nice chap all in, full of interesting tales and most obliging when I whipped out the camera. There was no time for any lighting setup in the dimly lit cinema so I did it hand held on a 28mm f1.8 at 1/13… deep breath.

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