The Midnight Juggernauts

The crowd leaping about at The Midnight Juggernaughts at the Bodega Social Club - pic by Dom Henry (c)

The Midnight Juggernauts had the crowd at Dollop leaping about all over the shop at the Bodega Social Club on Friday 28th March.

A long way from their Melbourne stamping ground, the band are on the UK leg of a world tour, touting their guitar laden electro synth at eager young audiences.

I say eager because their brand of Korg powered ‘electro meets thumping indie’ was being lapped up by the skinny jean and print dress clad audience, who seemed to know all the words. When it did sometimes stray too far into dayglo synth land their drummer soon brought it back into disco pogo territory with a wallop.

Snapping in the Bodega is a tricky bugger as its the lighting is ever on the minimal side. Flash was a necessary evil but with a scowling ‘strobes are the devils work’ tour manager on hand only in limited amounts. Managed to peel off a few decent available light shots tho’

See the rest of the set on Flickr

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